Social Media Marketing        

Social Media Marketing

The most importain component in Digital Marketing. 

I think its safe to say that I share my passion and fascination in Social media marketing with a lot of other people.
My fascination comes from Charels Darwin's <adapt or die> philosophy.   
The ever changing and adjusting behavior in consumers forms the future of digital marketing.

The strive as a digital marketer to constantly ensure that your strategy is current, that your content is on key and that you remain at the forefront ,-is what gets me the most exited.
As the number of users of SoMe grows you need to stand out and be memorable. You need to do something to get noticed.

I personally always try to focus on unique ways to encourage user generated content. The consumers are more likely to trust peers over the brand itself.
The fact that UGC comes from regular people who voluntarily contributed data, information or media makes it feel much safer and more trustworthy.

In my line of work ,being in a small town, I think one of the most important aspect to UGC is community building and raising awareness among the locals. 
Creating a sense of pride and unity among the locals will with out a doubt come across pretty strong to the outside world -prospective guests/ tourists. It will trigger an urge and a will of sharing the feelgood vibe (organic sharing).

Looking at the bigger picture I think that gathering data and working with patters recognition in social media marketing is a great tool to get to know my some audience.
I love analyzing patterns in human behavior and trough that also getting a glimpse of <how the world works>. 

For me, balancing my need to be creative and getting to work with social media marketing through text, post, images, videos etc is the perfect combination. I would highly recommend it.
There is never a dull moment when working with SoMe, and I Love it.